Welcome to my portfolio of documentary & Street photography, which like life is a constant work in progress!

It's all about being present in the here & now, capturing the beauty of the everyday & the atmosphere of the event or occasion.  Whether the photographs are of people, lifestyles, urban or rural environments it is observational storytelling, un-staged & without a posed appearance.   

If you are hosting an event, sporting or social, a party or even a protest & would like me to capture the scene & record the moments for participants, guests &/or hosts alike please get in touch.

All the photographs are available to purchase; information is available upon request.

"...my own approach is based upon three considerations. First – hands off ! Whenever I photograph I do not molest or tamper with or arrange. Second – a sense of place. I try to picture as part of its surroundings, as having roots. Third – a sense of time. Whatever I photograph, I try to show as having its position in the past or in the present." - Dorothea Lange

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